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Buying Brazilian Hair Extension: Things to Consider

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Brazilian Hair

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to have fun with your style and look and keep up with the latest hair trends. With the help of genuine human hair extensions, you can add an exciting boost of volume, length, texture, curl, or color to your own hair. Get the long, luxurious hair you've always wanted without the stress and time required to grow it yourself. Get the best Brazilian virgin hair extensions.

Advantages of Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

Brazilian virgin hair extensions have risen in popularity over the past several years because of their incredible versatility and quality. The best Brazilian hair extensions have full body, rich texture, and brilliant bounce. You'll find curly, wavy, and straight Brazilian hair extensions to suit your personal style and hair type. These remarkable extensions provide a number of distinct advantages over other hair types, including:

  • Natural look. Brazilian waves bounce, shine, and move just like your own hair. No one will ever know you're wearing extensions.
  • Durability. Brazilian weaves are more durable than standard weaves. The hair will stay looking great for longer than other types of extensions. When cared for properly, Brazilian extensions can last up to 6 months!
  • Style-ability. You can cut, color and style Brazilian hair just like you would your own. It can be layered and trimmed by your stylist to blend in perfectly with your own hair.
  • Ease. Brazilian virgin hair does not mat or tangle, so caring for your extensions is a breeze. It's also available in clips for quick transitions.
  • Versatility. Brazilian hair blends naturally with different ethnicities and textures. African, Caucasian, Hispanic - Brazilian hair looks great on everyone.


Things to Consider before Buying Brazilian Extensions

Brazilian extensions are available widely in salons and online. Before you buy Brazilian extensions, it's important to keep the following in mind:

  • Check purity. Pure, genuine Brazilian extensions are rare. Many retailers sell Brazilian extensions that are actually not Brazilian hair. Shop carefully and do your homework; make certain you are getting 100% pure Brazilian hair. If the extensions are cheap, they're not Brazilian.
  • Beware of grades. Many retailers use a grading system for their extensions. Unfortunately, these grades are outdated, not consistent across all retailers and contain very little real information about the product. Instead of relying on grades, look for specific terms that describe the hair's characteristics, like Remy, single drawn, and double drawn.
  • Choose Remy. Remy hair is hair that has been carefully processed to ensure that all the cuticles lie in the same direction for ultimate shine and smoothness.
  • Understand the difference between single drawn and double drawn. Single and double drawn refer to the quantity of hair in a bundle that is the specified length. For example, in a single drawn 18" bundle, 50% of the hairs will measure precisely 18" and the remaining 50% will be shorter. This translates into a bundle that loses some volume from root to tip. Hairs in double drawn extensions are all the same length, providing equal thickness from root to tip. Single drawn extensions are less expensive but may look more natural, as most hairs lose thickness from root to tip. Trimming the ends of single draw extensions can also give the appearance of more volume at the ends. One is not necessarily better than the other; your choice should depend on your own personal preference.
  • Learn about the different types of extensions. Extensions can be attached in a variety of ways. Heat, tape, sewing, glue, and clips are some of your choices. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with your stylist so you can get the extensions that will be the best for you and your lifestyle.

Buy the best Brazilian hair extensions from a trusted source such as Go Naked Hair. You'll love the look and feel of these luxurious extensions!

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